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      Tracy Brown

      Hi all, I’m Tracy Brown the Safeguarding and Partnerships Manager at Cheltenham Borough Council and I’ve been lucky enough to be part of No Child Left Behind from its beginning. I thought it would be really great for people to introduce themselves and maybe tell us a bit about why they or their organisation have signed up to be part of No Child Left Behind. Or maybe tell us how you hope things will change in Cheltenham as a result of the Community Agreement

      I’ve lived in Cheltenham all my life and am very proud of our Town and the people in it, but some children and families in our Town are really struggling and unable to find a way forward. That isn’t something I think we should just accept as inevitable. With such a complex issue as this, it feels the only way we can help is to work together and look at ‘new’ ways of doing things as a Town wide partnership. I’m also very interested how we really put concepts like kindness, empathy and relationship building into our systems as the drive towards efficiency through streamlined protocols and targets seems to have actually made us less effective in supporting people not more.

      Look forward to reading others response.
      Kind Regards

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