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NCLB awards #StrongFamilies


The #StrongFamilies category celebrates projects and organisations that recognise the importance of building happy, resilient families by offering support and putting on fun family activities.

#StrongFamilies finalists


Reaching Families

Caring Communities and People (CCP) have provided family support to 135 families living in Cheltenham through Positive Parenting courses and Stay-and-Play groups.

“Things haven’t been easy at home for a while, but having a CCP staff member mentoring us as a family has been very helpful, and we are getting on so much better now thanks for your hard work” – Parent

Family engagement and support services

The Family Engagement and Support Services are part of Move-More’s wider health programme. They were created as a response to the observed need to support families through obstacles and challenges and strengthen their ability to manage different aspects of health, especially mental well-being and balanced eating. They offer parenting webinars, balanced eating challenges and coffee mornings, as well as 1:1 support.

The Play Trail

The Play Trail is a small group hosted by the Whaddon-based Cornerstone Centre. It is a space for parents/carers to spend time with your baby discovering how to grow together so you both have the best start in your life together. Parents and carers learn how to make a real difference by listening, talking, playing, singing and sharing books and stories with their babies. Babies and children become confident communicators and learners through play and the attachment with their parents/carers can grow.

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