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NCLB Awards #BusinessForChange


The #BusinessForChange award celebrates local businesses that go over and above to support children and young people.

And the winner is... Move More

Move More aims to instil a love of physical activity into all children. They now have every school in Cheltenham signed up to their core membership package, ensuring that their selected year groups receive high quality PE and access to over 100 events and competitions. They also provide a wide range of support to families in schools and in the community


The Barking Buds Youth Trainer Programme

Barking Buds aims to build on children’s passion for dogs by providing them with the knowledge and experience they need to follow a career in the dog/ animal world. The programme focuses on developing children as individuals by increasing their confidence, communication skills, and providing opportunities for them to express themselves. They learn, socialise, assist with event planning and teach adults how to train dogs.

Every Cloud Play & Creative Arts Therapy

Every Cloud works with partners to find ways to remove the barriers to therapeutic support where possible. The scheme, under Recycle IT 4 Free, was a finalist in the Gloucestershire Live Business Awards 2022 in the Corporate Social Responsibility category.

Street Based Youth Work By Inspire To Aspire

The team of youth workers are out three nights a week, in all weathers, engaging with young people, building relationships, feeding back their views and advocating for them to various networks and stakeholders in Cheltenham.

Creed Foodservice

Creed continue to be generous with their time and resources to support NCLB and #FeedCheltenham by helping with food provision to families who need it most during the holidays and term time.

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