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NCLB Awards #FunandFulfilment


The #FunandFulfilment category celebrates projects and organisations that are helping children build their strengths and skills, develop new hobbies and interests and find their passion.

#FunAndFulfilment finalists

And the winner is... Inspire Confidence Building Group at The Rock

Giving young people a safe space to try new activities together, to challenge themselves and to learn that they can achieve so much more than they thought was possible. 


Cheltenham Children's Choir

Cheltenham Children’s Choir started in April 2018 and now runs seven choirs a week, for young people, aiming to make music fun and accessible for all children. They also have visiting musicians and run a brass workshop, a drum workshop and a conducting workshop.

The ASDAN Project by Cheltenham Town Community Trust

The ASDAN project that the Community Trust run has been part of the
‘Boys Intervention Programme’ with Pittville School.  They deliver the course
to students who are on the brink of exclusion due to poor behaviour.  The
students attend the football club over a 14-week period and come away
with a complete football short course qualification.  This gives the students
a chance to plan, lead and deliver their own football sessions.

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