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NCLB Awards #InspiringLearning


The #Inspiring Learning category celebrates organisations and projects that support children and young people to develop a love of learning beyond the classroom.

And the winner is... The HALT Project by Cheltenham Animal Shelter

HALT (Humans and Animals Learning Together) is an animal-assisted intervention programme delivered throughout the academic year for ‘at risk’ young people aged 7-16 in Gloucestershire. It allows young people, many of whom have been excluded from school, to attend the shelter for a two-week course designed to foster compassion, respect and responsibility. 


The Shaping Futures Programme by Pate's Grammar School

This programme was founded to provide local Year 4 and 5 pupils who are registered for pupil premium and free school meals the opportunity to be supported in learning beyond the classroom.

Cycle Mechanics at The Rock

This course on bicycle mechanics is unique within the Cheltenham area. It caters for students’ different learning styles by providing practical demonstrations, supervised practicals, discussions and literacy exercises for each topic. 

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