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NCLB Awards #OurViewsMatter


This award recognizes organisations that help to support children in having their voices heard in a way that feels safe to them, and in a way that helps them feel stronger and more able to make positive changes in their lives and the world around them.

And the winner is... Every Cloud Play and Creative Arts Therapy

Every Cloud works tirelessly to ensure that the children they support have their voices are heard and responded to by adults, systems or decision makers!


Street Based Youth Work by Inspire to Aspire

The team of youth workers are out three nights a week, in all weathers, engaging with young people, building relationships, feeding back their views and advocating for them to various networks and stakeholders in Cheltenham.

Planet Cheltenham Youth Climate Group

The youth group empowers young people to have their voices heard about the climate emergency and to organise local events and initiatives to help combat it.

#OurViewsMatter is sponsored by:

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