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NCLB Awards #InclusionWorks


All of these organisations aim to ensure that all children and young people can take part in their communities and unlock their potential. They work to reduce the barriers and stigma surrounding inclusion so that every individual is supported to pursue a fulfilling life.

And the winner is... Essential Space CiC

Essential Space strive to be open and welcome diversity and uniqueness into their projects. They try to make their support as bespoke and accessible as possible to enable everyone to feel safe and valued in their service.


Goals Beyond Grass

Goals Beyond Grass are pivotal in the opportunity and delivery of powerchair football, providing young people with all ranges of disabilities to access football. This has become a recognised sport with leagues all over the world. Alongside this amazing work, the GBG team offers holiday activity packages. These include accessible multi sports and ability bikes.

The HALT Project by Cheltenham Animal Shelter

HALT (Humans and Animals Learning Together) is an animal-assisted intervention programme delivered throughout the academic year for ‘at risk’ young people aged 7-16 in Gloucestershire. It allows young people, many of whom have been excluded from school, to attend the shelter for a two-week course designed to foster compassion, respect and responsibility.

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