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NCLB Awards #StrongFamilies


The #StrongFamilies category celebrates projects and organisations that recognise the importance of building happy, resilient families by offering support and putting on fun family activities.

#StrongFamilies finalists

And the winner is... Contact Centre Services by Family Space

Described as a safe, neutral place where a child can enjoy uninterrupted contact with the parent seeking contact. The Family Space contact centre works independently through a range of services to allow children to spend time with a parent they no longer live with.


#GreatTaste Cooking Project by St Peter’s and The Moors Big Local

Born from the #ReduceWaste food project which provided free food to those in need from collections from supermarkets. They then started to create TikTok videos showing how to use leftovers or cupboard ingredients to create easy meals for families. This project brings families together to enjoy cooking and eating healthy food.

Essential Space CIC

Essential Space aims to support someone’s mental health in an individual and bespoke way. The creativity aspect of their work allows the team to work with the person and their family to support them through tough times.

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