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Bettridge School join the NCLB network

A message from Charlene from the Friends @ Bettridge Committee at Bettridge School:

Bettridge is a specialist school setting based in Hatherley, Cheltenham.
Most young people attending Bettridge School have severe or profound learning difficulties

The school believe in “Learning for Life – Personalised for All”.  We really do pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box and reaching every young person’s learning needs – no matter what it takes.

Raising a family always has its challenges but raising a family with a young person with additional needs can be even more challenging. Many families in our community are unable to work due to their caring responsibilities.

The events of recent years have seen many of our direct and wider community affected financially.

This has impacted upon some of our community at a very basic level.  When we consider “Learning for life – Personalised for All” – we now see an importance in an even more holistic view of our families as a whole.  Ensuring parents have everything they need to send their children into school as refreshed, energised and ready to engage as possible.

We have made a pledge to the ‘No Child Left Behind’ Community Agreement.
We will work to reduce the impact of poverty and trauma on families
We work hand in hand with families
We work with compassion and empathy in everything we do

We already offer our parent and carers a uniform shop of preloved uniforms.  To further develop this we are beginning to create our school’s ‘Community Hub’. This Hub will be accessible to all and include a range of donations including store cupboard essentials, toiletries and household supplies.  We hope to cater to a variety of needs.

We want this to be inviting, open to all and above all – serving a purpose.  If families are able to create actual meals using store cupboard essentials, encourage healthy eating and provide essentials that will really add value to people – then we will have achieved our aims.

This is where our wider supporting community comes in.

We request your support in any way that you and your organisation see fit.

It could be donations, vouchers, excess stock, ideas, spreading the word – anything that can add value and support to the community and this initiative.

If it is something that you are able to help with or you are just keen to find out more then please get in touch on 07932725818 or

Thank you!


Friends @ Bettridge

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